On a big up again!

I played 1000+ hands of solely $600NL today in 3 hours of play and around $1400.Yesterday I only played for 45 minutes, but scored a huge profit of $1.8k! That was split between $400NL and $600NL.Overall, I’ve played about 3000 hands of $600NL and I’m down $80. This is good news as 2 days ago I was down $1.8k. I’m going to keep playing $600NL and I’m very confident I can beat it now. I look forward to playing $1k sometime next week? If I run well, this could very well happen. Also, I’m running at 12.5ptbb/100hands over a 14.5k hand sample at $400NL. 


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Filed under Poker, Ring Games, Short-handed

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