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Won $1k today in 2.5hrs play and 1000 hands

I didn’t feel I was playing great today, but I made a healthy profit.

I probably won’t be posting on here for while now. I’m off to Israel.

I’m not going to be playing a lot of poker in the next months. Disappointing. I might pick it up again in a year’s time. I finished with a BR of $29k and I can say that I’m a winner at all limits up to $1000NL (although I have only played 350 hands at $1kNL).

Good Luck



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Lost $3.5k yesterday

Ahhhh. How annoying! I was hoping to hit $40k by Sunday. That’s obviously not going to happen. I’ll be happy with $30k (currently on $28k).

My site was suspended yesterday because I had advertising on it, which is against the terms of service. The advertising has now been removed.

I love PokerTracker. I looked at my stats for yesterday. It showed me playing 30% of hands, whereas usually I play 25% at most and I think I play my best when playing about 22%. So I know straight away how to start winning again and why I wasn’t winning yesterday.

It might not get me straight back to winning ways, but it’s a start and it will definitely help.

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Won a bit back. Lost a bit today

Yesterday I won about $1k. Today I’ve lost $650.

I played for quite a long time today. I think close to 2hrs. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t make a profit. The tables were packed with fish. There was 1 table I was at where a player put in $200 preflop with K5s. I had QQ. The flop is Kxx. We both check. The turn is x. I check-call his $6 minbet. River is x. I bet $200 for value. He calls. I lose a big pot to an idiot.

The river bet is a scary bet to make, but I think I have to make it. I get called by so many worse hands. He would call me with any pair and maybe even a hand like A hi. If I check, he would have bet $6 or checked. This guy was retarded.

I ended up winning back my money off him and maybe a bit more. He finally got busted after about an hour. I wish I had busted him.

I hate messing up on hands. I’m playing quite well in general but in my last session, I think there were at least 10 hands I wish I played differently.

There are a few crucial hands every session that mean the difference between a winning and a losing session. Recently, I feel I’ve misplayed a lot of these crucial hands and I’m really not happy about it.

I even get annoyed when I feel I could have won a bit more in a winning session.

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Lost $3.1k since last night

I continued to play $1000NL but I lost 2 stacks at it. I was playing well and deserved to be even more up, but my luck turned and it was not to be.

I lost $1200 when I got my AA allin against JJ preflop. That was harsh.

I lost another $1000 when I got allin on a 3 heart lowish flop with KK and the K of hearts. I was up against 6h4h (I have no idea what he was doing in the hand, but at least he played well post-flop). The final heart didn’t come and I lost another big pot.

I’ve now moved back to $600NL. Although I still have an overall profit at $1kNL, I don’t feel comfortable losing $1k in a hand. I’ve only played 8000 hands of $600NL, so I’m going to keep playing that until I’ve made another $3k. Then I’ll take a shot at $1000NL again.

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$9.4k profit in 2 days!

I’ve played 2500 hands (about 7 or 8 hours play) over the last 2 days and have made a total profit of $9400.

My bankroll is now $33.5k.

I played a bit of $1kNL today when I reached the $31k mark and won about $2.5k at it. I had some really good luck.

One hand I won $1400 with AA against AK all-in preflop. I won another fairly big pot when I had KK and flopped trip kings.

I’m on a massive rush, have been playing really well and all the luck has gone my way – a perfect combination.

I won at least one $600 coinflip today, maybe more. I also hit a runner-runner flush when my KK ran into 66 on a JT6 flop. That was a $1400 pot ($700 was mine). We were allin on the flop. I 3bet him preflop and he check-raised me allin on the flop. He was getting about 13 to 1 implied odds on my preflop 3bet if he stacked me. I don’t know if that’s enough, since a lot of the time I have a hand much weaker than KK, but he still has to give up if I continuation bet.

I’m going to play for another hour or two now. I hope the luck continues. Good Night


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Won $2.6k today!

Yesssssss. Feels so good.

I won $2.2k since my last post. I think I have been playing well throughout although luck always seems to be on my side in the long run.

I feel unstoppable. I’m the king of the world!

My bankroll is now approimately $27k. An all time high. Hope to be reach $30k and play some $1kNL before I go off to Israel next week (6 days left!).

Brian Townsend is a legend. He lost $3million dollars in the past month and this is what he has to say about it:

Been really enjoying my social life and spending a lot of quality time with my buddies. Life is good and I am going to appreciate it because there will be tougher times in the future.

Brian is a remarkable guy. I aspire to be like him.

I’m considering buying a laptop for Israel so that I can play while I’m there. I’m going to first see what it’s like there and if I will actually be able to play before I make the purchase. If I get one, I’ll get an Intel Mac from the US and I’ll play poker using Boot Camp (let’s you run Windows on a mac).

Two more quotes to round of, that have inspired me recently:

The journey brings us happiness, not the destination – from Peaceful Warrior.

The smarter you are, the more susceptible you are to suggestion (ie. you are more gullible) – from some guy from NY that I met on the street. I don’t know if it is true, but whatever. It sounds nice and it’s a good reply if anyone ever says you’re gullible.

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Back to back live tournament wins

I am so sick at live tournaments!

This is quite strange because for the last 6 months I’ve only been playing online cash games. For some reason I play tournies better offline and I play cash games better online.

Last night I won a live £30+3 freezeout with approx. 25 runners. I won £285 for my 1st place finish. The last live tournament I played I also won, you can read about that here.

Although the money I win (and lose) offline is pennies to what I win online – it’s still a great feeling and very useful to win a live tournament. All my money is stuck on the net and I’m always low on cash. But winning a big sum like this offline gives me all the money I need for the next few weeks.

I think the reason I don’t do as well as I should in live cash games is because I get impatient and don’t play my A-game. The reason I think I do well at live tournaments rather than online tournaments is because the reads I can get on players helps me tremendously.  For some reason, I need the physical reads in tournaments a lot more than I do in cash games.

I played quite well in the tournament and I would rate myself the player that played 2nd best last night. The player that ended up finishing 2nd (£145 win) played better than me throughout the tournament.

The only time I actually felt I played better than him was when it got to heads-up, but even then I ended up winning when I got my Q9 allin vs his K8 preflop. I did well to get into a winning position, since he started HU with $36k chips and I started with $21k chips. And again, if the cards had been reversed he probably would have won.

I’m happy though. Throughout the tournament I had my fair share of good and bad luck.

I just finished a winning online session. I won approx. $350. I didn’t play yesterday and the day before that I lost $400.

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