I went to France for 2 days. I got back this morning.

We went on a road trip. My friend drove.

We it 151MPH in his done up Mini Cooper S Works. Surely a record.

We broke so many rules in France, we went through 100 red lights and got flashed at least once.

In my last post I mentioned I lost $2.5k in 50 minutes. I played another session later in the day and I lost another $500. I was now down $3k in a day. Later in the day, I played another session and I won $1.4k back, so I was only down a total of $1.6k for the day. This made me feel really good.

I took a $600 stack back off a  player that had taken maybe $2k off me that day. Flop was J72. He cbets. I call. Turn is a 4. He bets. I push (it wasn’t an overbet, pot was big by now). He calls with QJ. lol. I had 74 for the turned 2 pair and stacked him.

I’m going to play more now. Haven’t played for a few days now.


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