Back to back live tournament wins

I am so sick at live tournaments!

This is quite strange because for the last 6 months I’ve only been playing online cash games. For some reason I play tournies better offline and I play cash games better online.

Last night I won a live £30+3 freezeout with approx. 25 runners. I won £285 for my 1st place finish. The last live tournament I played I also won, you can read about that here.

Although the money I win (and lose) offline is pennies to what I win online – it’s still a great feeling and very useful to win a live tournament. All my money is stuck on the net and I’m always low on cash. But winning a big sum like this offline gives me all the money I need for the next few weeks.

I think the reason I don’t do as well as I should in live cash games is because I get impatient and don’t play my A-game. The reason I think I do well at live tournaments rather than online tournaments is because the reads I can get on players helps me tremendously.  For some reason, I need the physical reads in tournaments a lot more than I do in cash games.

I played quite well in the tournament and I would rate myself the player that played 2nd best last night. The player that ended up finishing 2nd (£145 win) played better than me throughout the tournament.

The only time I actually felt I played better than him was when it got to heads-up, but even then I ended up winning when I got my Q9 allin vs his K8 preflop. I did well to get into a winning position, since he started HU with $36k chips and I started with $21k chips. And again, if the cards had been reversed he probably would have won.

I’m happy though. Throughout the tournament I had my fair share of good and bad luck.

I just finished a winning online session. I won approx. $350. I didn’t play yesterday and the day before that I lost $400.


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