Lost $3.1k since last night

I continued to play $1000NL but I lost 2 stacks at it. I was playing well and deserved to be even more up, but my luck turned and it was not to be.

I lost $1200 when I got my AA allin against JJ preflop. That was harsh.

I lost another $1000 when I got allin on a 3 heart lowish flop with KK and the K of hearts. I was up against 6h4h (I have no idea what he was doing in the hand, but at least he played well post-flop). The final heart didn’t come and I lost another big pot.

I’ve now moved back to $600NL. Although I still have an overall profit at $1kNL, I don’t feel comfortable losing $1k in a hand. I’ve only played 8000 hands of $600NL, so I’m going to keep playing that until I’ve made another $3k. Then I’ll take a shot at $1000NL again.

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