Won a bit back. Lost a bit today

Yesterday I won about $1k. Today I’ve lost $650.

I played for quite a long time today. I think close to 2hrs. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t make a profit. The tables were packed with fish. There was 1 table I was at where a player put in $200 preflop with K5s. I had QQ. The flop is Kxx. We both check. The turn is x. I check-call his $6 minbet. River is x. I bet $200 for value. He calls. I lose a big pot to an idiot.

The river bet is a scary bet to make, but I think I have to make it. I get called by so many worse hands. He would call me with any pair and maybe even a hand like A hi. If I check, he would have bet $6 or checked. This guy was retarded.

I ended up winning back my money off him and maybe a bit more. He finally got busted after about an hour. I wish I had busted him.

I hate messing up on hands. I’m playing quite well in general but in my last session, I think there were at least 10 hands I wish I played differently.

There are a few crucial hands every session that mean the difference between a winning and a losing session. Recently, I feel I’ve misplayed a lot of these crucial hands and I’m really not happy about it.

I even get annoyed when I feel I could have won a bit more in a winning session.


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