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Won $1.4k at $400NL

I played for one hour 3-tabling.

I played well. I messed up one hand towards the end, but I sucked out and won the hand. Hand is as follows:

$450 stacks. I’m BB. Button openlimps. SB raises to $17. I raise to $59. Button folds and SB calls. Flop is QTx. SB checks. I push for $400. SB calls. I show AKo. SB shows AQo. I river a K and win a $900 pot.

It’s a tough spot here, but didn’t play the hand well. The reason I pushed the flop is because I would have to fold to a checkraise, and I think any legitimate hand will CR here. I thought that AK must be a big part of his range, so I pushed so he couldn’t CR.

I think the best move may have been to check the flop behind.


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Played a bit more this week

I’ve won 250 shekels (approx. $60) in 3 live sessions of poker.

Online, I’ve won $250 since my last post.

I just finished an extremely annoying online session of $200NL. I played for an hour and was up maybe $600 at one point, but in the last 15mins of the session I lost a lot and finished with a $75 loss.

One hand that really annoyed me:

I open with 9sTs. Player behind me raises to 3x my bet. I call and the flop is 8c9cJs. I check. He bets half pot. I checkraise to 3xhis bet. He calls. Turn is Qs giving me a straight and a flush draw. I bet $100 into $142 pot. He pushes for $42 more. I call. He shows AsKs. The river is the 6s and he wins a $450 pot. The worst part is that I was sort of calling for a spade on the river in my head and it turned out being the card that killed me.

I lost a lot of big pot coinflips towards the end of the session which is what caused me to make an overall loss. Doesn’t matter though. I won a $400 coinflip at the start of the session and won another $400 CF a few days before that too.

I’m playing $200, just to get back into the rythym of things. I hope to move up to $400 soon and then $600NL or $1000NL. The only problem is I don’t know if I can beat the TowerGaming $600NL+. I’ve only played Party $600NL+.

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Seriously considering quitting

I’ve been talking to Rabbi’s about poker. Last week I was seriously considering quitting. I’ve played 3 times since I’ve been in Israel, but that was only because I didn’t have the opportunity to play.

I’ve continued playing this week (been on holiday from Yeshiva). Maybe by the end of the year I will have fully decided to quit.

My results in Israel so far have been:

Won 580 shekels (approx $150) in a live game. Lost $400 online. Won $130 online.

so overall I’m down about $120 in Israel. No big deal.

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