Won $1.4k at $400NL

I played for one hour 3-tabling.

I played well. I messed up one hand towards the end, but I sucked out and won the hand. Hand is as follows:

$450 stacks. I’m BB. Button openlimps. SB raises to $17. I raise to $59. Button folds and SB calls. Flop is QTx. SB checks. I push for $400. SB calls. I show AKo. SB shows AQo. I river a K and win a $900 pot.

It’s a tough spot here, but didn’t play the hand well. The reason I pushed the flop is because I would have to fold to a checkraise, and I think any legitimate hand will CR here. I thought that AK must be a big part of his range, so I pushed so he couldn’t CR.

I think the best move may have been to check the flop behind.


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  1. i am new to this game , so i need few tricks to start with …………

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