Holiday. Learning stocks

I have a month off from my studies now. I’ve returned home for a week to visit friends and family. A lot of my friends have exams or are learning and I don’t have much to do at home now that I’ve quit poker.

Today I started reading up on investing. I will being studying Maths at University and after that I can see myself going into some sort of finance related job. So learning about investing now will give me a head-start.

I also intend to start investing my own money within the next year. I have a nice amount of money to play with from my poker winnings. I don’t need the money for anything else so nothing’s holding me back from taking a shot at the stock market.

I think that things I’ve picked from poker will help me in the stock world. Patience is a big one. Self control and not risking more than I can afford is also something you learn playing poker. My maths skills are good.

There are other similarities between Poker and Trading too. I was reading today how trading is not gambling. I’ve many a time read articles on how poker isn’t gambling either and even wrote a post on it myself. The same argument applies to trading.

I’m confident I can become a successful trader. The only problem is I don’t have much spare time that I can use to learning the trade. I need time to research on the net and to read books, but I don’t have the time.

So far I’ve been learning from Investopedia and MorningStar and I’ve set up a free money investing account in the Investopedia Stock Market Game. I don’t expect to gain much out of the game, but I started playing poker with play money. Obviously, the real game is completely different to a play money game in poker and I’m sure the same applies to investing, but you can learn the basics from free money games and get familiar with how the game works and different terms used.

If anyone has any advice on trading I’d love to hear it. Please post a comment.


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