A Picture From Back In The Day

I was looking through my pictures on iPhoto and I came across a picture of me 4-tabling $3/$6 ($600 buy-in) on PartyPoker. My stacks on the tables range from $950 to $1640. This is probably as much as I ever had on the poker tables at one time. In total I have just under $5000 on all 4 tables together ($4971 to be precise).

There may have been a time where I had more than this on the tables. When I quit I was playing $5/$10 blinds with a $1000 buyin, but I didn’t play that many hands at $1k and I don’t remember if I ever 4-tabled the $1000 tables.

It’s now almost 5 years since I last played poker seriously and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made and have no regrets about quitting. It would have been nice to win a million dollars playing online poker. Perhaps even make it onto TV or play in the WSOP, but what a waste of some of the best years of my life that would have been. If you want to read a summary of my poker career, see here.

In other news, this blog’s pages views per day have dropped since I last checked them. I did get 45 views on 1 May (no idea why), but in general the blog gets 5 to 15 views a day. (The total number of page views this blog has had over its 5+ year life is about 54k and counting. Not bad for a blog I basically haven’t touched in four and a half years.)

Here’s the picture of me 4-tabling $3/6 (the blinds are $3/$6, max buy-in is $600, the game is No-Limit Holdem, 6 people per table.) I’m the player with a white block over his name. The other players have stats next to their names using the program Poker Tracker (completely legal if you were wondering and it also looks like they’ve improved the program a lot since I last used it):

4-tabling $600NL


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16 responses to “A Picture From Back In The Day

  1. I happened across your Blog as I’ve been toying with the idea of playing online poker again. I know that would probably be a bad idea in terms of time and emotional cost rather than money lost. Your comments give me pause to not go down that road again, and I thank you for that. Have you managed to stay away from online poker since your last posts?

    • KcRe

      Yes. I have. Been about 7 years since I seriously played online.
      I have played offline a couple of times with friends but that was like 5 dollar buyins. And even that I’ve barely done

  2. Maju terus blognya! isinya bagus!

  3. Artikelnya bagus! penggunaan bahasanya juga.

  4. Gak sia sia udah baca blog sebagus ini!! Good good

  5. Berkat membaca blog ini saya semakin mahir bermain poker!

  6. Dari sekian banyak blog hanya blog ini yang membantu saya!

  7. Berkat anda saya menjadi seorang pemenang besar!

  8. Semoga blognyaa menjadi Top Rate!

  9. reall great blog…very immpersive online poker game….thanx for sharing useful information for new user.

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