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Crazy, crazy meta game at 2p2

Two plus two is a great poker resource. Takes time to get used to, but inside is some great content. The 2 plus 2 forums are home to the greatest poker minds in the world.

This link really impressed me:
Crazy Meta-Game play….not for the faint of heart

Riverboatking pushes allin with A4s as a 5bet and villain folds pocket kings. Absolutely mad. The level these guys are on is insane. Just too good.

I have posted some delicious links in the side bar to some of the best posts I have read so far at 2p2. I’ve only been reading posts at 2p2 for a day or so and I’m just so impressed with the standard of play/comments. I will definitely become a more active part of the 2p2 in the future.


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Data mining update

I’ve been data mining Party for the last couple of days. I wake up in the morning, switch on my computer open up 12 tables on Party and start FPHG (free party hand grabber).

One problem I came across was that when tables empty Party closes them.

I stumbled upon a new tool to help me. That tool is iWitness, which can be located at It requires AutoHotkey, or AHK, which is a free, open-source utility for Windows. For more information on AHK visit this page.

iWitness automatically opens and closes tables according to the criteria I have set. At the moment, I have told iWitness to automatically open tables of 6 handed $1/$2 NL with at least 4 players. If the table drops to 3 players, then iWitness will close the table and open up a new one automatically. It’s a great tool and has helped me loads. I definitely recommend it for anyone data mining. provides lots of useful poker software that can make life a lot easier for anybody playing at PartyPoker, PokerStars or FullTilt.

I haven’t made use of any of the other tools yet, but I’m sure I will once I start playing at Party again.

Other cools tools at are a “bet pot” button for Party, an auto chip reloader when you stack drops below the maximum and PokerGrapher – a tool for drawing graphs of your PokerTracker stats.

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