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Completed the Coral bonus today. £30 profit

Coral give you a free £10 bet. To activate this bet you must make a £10 bet. Once you have made this bet, your account will be credited with an extra £10. You may cash-out this extra £10 once you have made another £10. Once you have done this you may cash out all the money in your account.
Very quick, very easy. I definitely recommend it.

Also, I signed up with Quidco. Quidco give you £25 cash back and all you have to do is make a £10 bet (you do this anyway to claim the bonus).

This is what I did:
Signed up to Qudico.
Went to Coral using the Quidco link.
Deposited £10.
Bet £10 on Tottenham Hotspurs (Spurs) beating Manchester City in the English Premier League.
Spurs won and I made a profit of £4.50.
My account was automatically credited with an extra £10.
I bet £10 that Sevilla would win the Uefa Cup Final against Espanyol in 90 minutes. I lost this bet. The score was 1-1 after 90 minutes. If I had won this bet I would have made a profit of £8.34 on the bet.
I cashed out the £14.50 in my account.
I made a total profit of £25 + £4.50 = £29.50.

Very quick, very easy and zero-risk (as long as you get your £25 cashback from Quidco).

JUST IN: Sevilla won 3-1 on penalties! (doesn’t make a difference to me though)


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