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Don’t bluff idiots and don’t show your cards!

I’ve lost so much money in the past from trying to bluff idiots off a hand. I did manage to bluff 2 idiots off a hand today though.

Both players were seeing over 40% of flops and the big blind was folding more than a player of his looseness usually does postflop.

Here it is:

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 4 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $310.46

BB: $831.70

UTG: $289.80

Hero (BTN): $689.30

Preflop: Hero is dealt 6 5 (4 Players)

UTG checks, Hero raises to $18.00, SB calls $16.00, BB raises to $50.00, UTG folds, Hero calls $32.00, SB calls $32.00

Flop: ($154) 2 7 9 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB bets $40.00, Hero calls $40.00, SB calls $40.00

Turn: ($274) T (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks

River: ($274) 4 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $221.00, 2 folds

Uncalled bet of $221.00 returned to Hero

Pot Size: $274.00

I showed my bluff to these 2 donkeys so that I could get more action off them in the future (another “mistake”). I did get more action on this hand winning a very big pot against a very weak hand (BB is the same player in both hands):

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 6 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $390.00

BB: $687.30

UTG: $355.00

Hero (MP): $787.20

CO: $458.30

BTN: $117.96

Preflop: Hero is dealt K K (6 Players)

UTG folds, Hero raises to $15.00, 3 folds, BB raises to $26.00, Hero raises to $100.00, BB raises to $174.00, Hero raises to $350.00, BB raises all-in to $687.30, Hero calls $337.30

Flop: ($1376.60) 2 2 5 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Turn: ($1376.60) 4 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

River: ($1376.60) J (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Pot Size: $1,376.60 ($3 Rake)

BB had Q A (a pair of Twos) and LOST (-$687.30)

Hero had K K (two pairs, Kings and Twos) and WON (+$686.30)

In general I don’t show my hands. Lucky I did in this instance though. He probably wouldn’t have played his hand so aggressively if I hadn’t shown my bluff a few hands earlier.

When I do show bluffs (which I do rarely), it is to satisfy my ego. In this scenario I knew that I was playing 2 donkeys and I did it purely to get more value off them in the future (which I did).

I got in a nice couple of hours of play tonight winning about $1000, although I’m disappointed I didn’t win more. I lost a coinflip to another donkey in an $750 pot where we got allin on the flop.



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Just finished a 90 minute session and made a profit of $2200

Here’s an interesting hand that I feel I played really badly and timidly. I played the hand very out of character and got myself into a sticky situation.

I really need to work on my deep stacked game. This opponent took a few quite big stacks off me without a showdown. I think I play to cautiously when deep.

The session went very well though and I made a profit at all 4 tables I was playing.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs recently, but I plan on really concentrating hard. I’ve been having a lot of very late nights recently, but from now on I’m going to start going to bed a bit earlier, because lack of sleep is killing my concentration and stamina.

I don’t know how people manage to play 40 hours+ of poker a week. I can only play 2 hour online sessions at most.

I’ve been running very well at $400NL on Party with a win rate of 8.5BB/100hands over 9.5k hands. I don’t think I’m good enough to maintain that over 100k hands, but I think I could probably manage 5BB/100hands.

My bankroll is $17.5k+, so I’ll be moving up to $600NL soon. I think I’ll wait till I reach $20k and then take a shot.


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Today started off great… but finished terribly

I started off the day really well. I was up over $1000 in under 30 minutes. I then went on to lose most of it. Going down to about $200 profit. This was at TowerGaming.

I then played at Patry and won $1000. In my final session of the day I lost $1600. I played some of the hands really badly. But there are just some massive donks at Party. I tilted for bits of it – but only very slightly. I haven’t been on major tilt in a long time.

Here are some of the hands. They are posted newest to oldest:

Party Poker:

AQ on a Q hi flop

Played the hand nicely. Get a ridiculous call and miss my draw

I played this really bad. Villain was autobetting pot on every street. I should have folded to his last bet. I was hoping he had an unlikely TT or other overpair.

2p versus bigger 2p. Should I be getting way from this hand?

The most I’ve ever won in a single hand. My opponents played so bad.

I played my AK like an idiot. I’m drawing dead when I put my money in. Not good.

Allin preflop with AK vs AT. Villain is an idiot.


Bluff went wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking. Really badly played hand. This player also made a big call down against me before so I definitely shouldn’t have been trying to bluff him.

This is the hand where he made a big call-down. I’m not used to seeing big calls like this. I have to give him credit. He played well and went with his read.

After looking through my hand histories, I’ve noticed that at TG I didn’t lose many big pots or win many big ones either. But at Party I had loads of big pots and hands where I was allin preflop for $400+. The average stacks at Party are bigger than at Tower, but play is definitely much looser at Party. There are a lot of maniacs lurking about.

I’ll probably be playing a lot more at Party during the next few weeks. The level of play is just much weaker.

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$1500 freeroll

I came 71st out of 123 runners in tonight’s TowerGaming freeroll. The quality of the players was surprisingly good. Usually everybody goes allin the first few hands of these freerolls and you’ve lost half the field after about half an hour. In tonight’s and last night’s tournies, most of the players have been playing fairly tight and it takes a while to get to the payout structure.

I think the reason for the better players is that to enter you need to have earned quite a lot of player points in a relatively short amount of time. The players that are able to earn so many PPs so quickly are either playing at the higher stakes or are playing a lot at the lower stakes – either way, they have to be fairly decent players. Also, each seat in the freeroll tonight was worth $12.2 and the tournament had a nice payout structure with the top 20 players being paid and $21 being awarded to 20th place and $390 for 1st. All these reasons put together lead to a relatively level of competition for a freeroll.

Here’s a quick summary of the tournament:

I doubled up fairly early with T2s flopping a flush and busting JJ.

I won a few more small pots. Stole a few blinds and grinded my stack up a bit more, at which point this hand occured: – I think I probably played it badly, but I really didn’t know what to do. Our stacks are so short and it’s heads up. I can’t really let my hand go. I’m a fish in this situation. Losing half my stack with 2nd pair seems stupid. I’m going to post the hand on the FTR forums.

This is the hand I lost the rest of my stack with: – Villain was playing quite tight and I had been raising quite a lot recently. The blinds were getting bigger though. I think my push was alright. I was hoping villain would fold btw. But even if he didn’t I was still ahead if he had 2 overcards.

On a side note: I reached 99MPH in my car tonight. I’m feeling really confident in my driving now.

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Got my PC back today

My PC crashed and just got fixed today. The computer was wiped but my I still have the files I wanted to keep. (Apple’s are so much better – this never happens on a Mac).

I signed up to and just wanted to test it, by posting a hand history from Party. Here it is:

Turned set of jacks versus pocket aces

I actually feel like I played the hand really badly. The main reason for that is I just didn’t think that he could have an overpair (since he did limp and didn’t limpraise).

I definitely should have stacked my opponent here and he was definitely not laying his hand down. The reason I didn’t stack him was because of a bad turn raise. I should have raise on the turn to between $85 and $100.  Then the river would have been an easy push and it would have been an easy call for him.

The thing I hate most about this hand is that I would probably have put the same amount of money into the pot if the turn and river were both low cards that didn’t complete any draws. I would have raised the turn for value and probably bet the river for value too. I just didn’t think that he could have an overpair to my pocket Jacks. Limp-calling Aces is not a good idea, but you do gain loads of deception from it. It’s hard to see it coming and you can earn a lot of money off someone who hits something like TPTK with AJ. The problem is that you could end up losing a big pot if you lose the hand, but winning a small pot if you win the hand.

Most players prefer to play their pocket Aces aggressively so that they don’t get drawn out on by the big blind’s 93o and then losing half their stack in their hand. You know what they say about Aces: “Win a small pot, lose a big one”.  I don’t really agree with this, but it does have some truth to it. And it has a lot of truth to it when you decide to slowplay them.

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Some hand histories from my last session

Hand 1:
Not much to say about this hand. I made quite a big raise preflop, but I still get 2 callers with bad cards. I didn’t realize that some of the players at these were so loose and were so willing to put in big amounts of money with weak hands. I’ll remember this on future occasions though and size my bets appropriately.

Texas Hold’em $4-$4 NL (Real Money)

Seat 4: McFlab1 ($627.95 in chips)
Seat 5: alma5 ($363.20 in chips)
Seat 8: bate_nasko ($392.20 in chips)
Seat 9: Hero ($631 in chips)
Seat 10: LowSuited ($275 in chips)

Hero posts blind ($2), LowSuited posts blind ($4).

Hero is dealt: [ AC,KC ]

McFlab1 bets $10, alma5 calls $10, bate_nasko calls $10, Hero bets $58, LowSuited folds, McFlab1 calls $50, alma5 folds, bate_nasko calls $50.

FLOP [board cards 7S,6D,JH ]
Hero checks, McFlab1 checks, bate_nasko checks.

TURN [board cards 7S,6D,JH,2H ]
Hero checks, McFlab1 bets $50, bate_nasko calls $50, Hero folds.

RIVER [board cards 7S,6D,JH,2H,9S ]
McFlab1 bets $25, bate_nasko bets $282.20 and is all-in, McFlab1 calls $257.20.

bate_nasko shows [ 8H,10H ]
McFlab1 shows [ QS,JC ]
bate_nasko wins $855.40.

Dealer: bate_nasko
Pot: $858.40, (including rake: $3)
McFlab1, loses $392.20
alma5, loses $10
bate_nasko, bets $392.20, collects $855.40, net $463.20
Hero, loses $60
LowSuited, loses $4

Hand 2:
This hand is all about the river. Call or fold? I put him on a flush. I only have a set. I fold. He’s bet as first to act out of 4 players. He has to have quite a decent hand unless he’s a complete donk. 2 pair is unlikely to bet pot on the river when the flush hit, but it is possible. I fold, I didn’t think my hand was good against his range even though I didn’t have any reads. Maybe the fold was a bit tight.

Texas Hold’em $4-$4 NL (Real Money)

Seat 1: Hero ($493 in chips)
Seat 2: McSillyPants ($500.30 in chips)
Seat 3: agassi111 ($396 in chips)
Seat 6: nikolasy ($229.10 in chips)
Seat 10: bloek ($597 in chips)

agassi111 posts blind ($2), nikolasy posts blind ($4).

Hero is dealt: [ 3C,3H ]

bloek bets $12, Hero calls $12, McSillyPants calls $12, agassi111 folds, nikolasy calls $8.

FLOP [board cards QD,9D,KS ]
nikolasy checks, bloek checks, Hero checks, McSillyPants checks.

TURN [board cards QD,9D,KS,6H ]
nikolasy checks, bloek checks, Hero checks, McSillyPants checks.

RIVER [board cards QD,9D,KS,6H,3D ]
nikolasy bets $50, bloek folds, Hero folds, McSillyPants folds.

nikolasy wins $97.50.

Dealer: McSillyPants
Pot: $100, (including rake: $2.50)
Hero, loses $12
McSillyPants, loses $12
agassi111, loses $2
nikolasy, bets $62, collects $97.50, net $35.50
bloek, loses $12

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Just won $147 in a 30 min $200NL session

I played one hand really badly and got stacked by AKs with Q9s. He 3bets me pf from blinds. I call from LP. Flop is 976 or something similar. He bets. I call. Turn is a K. He bets. I call. River is a 2. He bets allin. I call. I played sooo bad that hand. Don’t play poker like that. The worst part of the hand is the river. It was an easy, easy fold. And I shouldn’t have called the pf 3bet either. The reason I did play so loose was because the hand before he played quite loose when he turn TP with AQ on a dangerous board and got all his money in the pot by the end. I threw away $200 in this hand. It was awful.

I doubled up twice after this though at 2 different tables to turn a profit for the session. I always seem to start the session off badly and then winning it all back with more. For example, in this session I was down $300+ at one point and I finished with a nice profit.

I’m running very well atm and haven’t had a losing session in a long time. I know this won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does. There will be a massive downswing at one point. It’s inevitable. I just hope I’m ready for it and don’t lose too much of my hard earned cash.

One hand where I doubled up I had TT vs 64o. Flop is 64T. He checkraises me and leads turn. I push turn and he calls. Nothing he could do about it, except for fold his 64o preflop!

One hand I think I played nicely. I’m in BB and call a pf raise with AcQc. Flop is As7s8c. Villain bets. I call. Turn is Tc. I check. Villain bets again. I checkraise allin (full stacks). Villain folds.

Going to the library now. Laters


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