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Good news and bad news

First the bad news:

Since I started playing poker again (25th of June) – I was up about $3000 online within 2 days. I am now down approx. $500 over this period of time. I’m about quits at Party and I’ve lost just under $500 at TowerGaming. I also lost a $200 I cleared at TG which was worth $200 and I actually cleared 95%+ of that bonus before I continued playing on the 25th – so in reality I am down about $700 online.I have moved down to $200NL for a while until I start winning again. After I’ve won $1000 at $200NL I’ll move up again.

The good news:

On Thursday night I won £450 (~$900) in a live tournament. It was a £30 semi-freezeout (you can buyin twice – either a rebuy if you get knocked out or an addon at the end of the rebuy period) with a guaranteed 1st prize of £500. There were only 9 runners. I think everybody bought in twice so the prize pool should have been £540 minus the rake, but the actual prize pool was £640 (£140 for 2nd place) – a nice overlay.

I played okay although I played better on Monday night were I lost £40 and came 6th out of 16 runners in the £10 rebuy. I played 2 hands in total in the rebuy period which was 90 minutes long. I was playing tight, but I also had a completely dead deck. I just wasn’t being dealt anything. At the start of the freezeout I had 6000 chips (each buyin is 2500 so I had made a profit of 1000 chips).

There were a few short stacks at the opposite end of the table to me that went allin 3 or 4 times and somehow managed to survive all of them with weak holdings.

When it got to 4 handed we agreed to knock £50 off 1st place and £10 off 2nd to give 3rd and 4th £30 each.I was the most aggressive and loose player at the table when it got to short handed. When it got to 3 handed I was bullying the other players to death. The blinds were very big and I was pushing allin a lot. Today I read the end of “No Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice” by Sklansky and Miller. It has a really amazing chapter on these kinds of situations at the back. It’s about the Sklansky-Chubukov rankings and it applies a lot to tournaments. It tells you if you should push your hand when the stacks are small. I definitely recommend reading it.

I offered my opponent a deal when we got to heads-up. I had 26k and he had 19.3k. The blinds were 1k/2k. The difference between 1st and 2nd was £320 so I offered him £180/£140 split. This was a very fair offer. He was playing for the club so asked a few of the others and he ended up declining. I then offered £170/£150 which is definitely in his favor and he declined too. The 1st hands of HU he’s in the SB. He pushes allin. I have A5o. I thought for a few minutes. He then calls for the clock. I decided to call. He had 76s. The board came 994, 8, 2 and I won the tournament.

Analyzing his allin move, was it a good play? I think so. The Sklansky-Chubukov number would be 8300 chips. But since I am folding hands like Q7, 89, JT and maybe even hands like A2o. I think his push is definitely +EV.



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First day of poker

I won ~$1700 today online and lost £40 ($80) offline.This is the most I have ever won in one day. I played maybe 5 hours online today. I’ll post some of the big hands tomorrow. I don’t feel I played great online today and I did mess up a few hands. But I did come away with a nice profit. I will post some of the big hands tomorrow.I played in a £10 rebuy tonight. I came 6th out of 16 players. I didn’t make any money. Top 3 got paid. I was unlucky not to cash and I was by far (IMO) the best player in the tournament. I lost a lot of expensive coin-flips at the final table and the only hands I did win were when I was a 75% favorite.I ended up getting knocked out with 44 against AA. This is how the hand went:

6 players left. Blinds are 1k/2k. 60k chips in total. I have 14k and am in 2nd place. Chip leader is to my right and has $20k. The next player has 500 chips. The other 3 players have an average stack of $10k.

I’m dealt 44 under the gun. I move allin. Chip leader moves allin. Everyone else folds. I have 44. He has AA. His hand holds up and I’m knocked out. I think the hand was pretty standard. The blinds were so big – I had no choice but to move in. My M was 4.67.

I did get lucky earlier in the tournament when I got allin with T8 against Q9 on a 972 board. I hit my straight and survived. I feel that my opponent made a bad call anyway. I think he should have folded his hand after how the action went.

Good Night

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The best lay down I ever made…

I’ve made a few good lay downs in my time, but I think the best has to be the time I folded AA on a 442 flop. It wasn’t just the cards. It was the confidence I laid down the hand with and the odds I was getting to call.

Looking back at it now it seems quite an easy lay down, but it was towards the start of my poker life and to this day I still remember it as the best fold I’ve ever made.

The hand happened during the freeze-out stage of a live £10 rebuy tournament and goes as follows:

There are about 30 people left in the tournament.
I’m dealt pocket aces and am UTG (under the gun). I decide to limp. I very rarely limp AA, but I was UTG and I was hoping someone behind me would raise so that I could limpraise.
I had 4200 chips. The table is 8 handed.
The button calls, the SB completes and the BB checks.

The flop comes 4h4o2h. SB and BB check. I bet 700 into a pot of 800. The button folds. SB calls. BB raises allin and has me covered. It’s 3300 for me to call. I think for a second and then fold very confidently, knowing that I had made the correct decision.

I hadn’t played with the BB a lot, but earlier I heard someone say that he was quite a tight player. Also, in previous hands he was playing quite tight and conservatively so taking everything into account I fold.

The SB calls. SB shows AhKh and the BB shows 43o. The turn brings a flush and the river brings a 3 giving the BB a boat (full house).

Shortly afterwards I busted out of the tournament with my AJ all in against QQ preflop. I was short though and had a low M so it was fine.

What’s the best laydown you’ve ever made. Post in the comments.

I’ve also made a few bad laydowns in my time. I’ll save that for my next post though.

Good luck at the tables.


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Made £46 last night

I lost £60 in the rebuy tourney. Went out on the 2nd hand into the freezeout. I was in the BB with AJo and I end up going allin with the SB, who has ATo, preflop. I’m a 75% favourite but lose the hand and get knocked out.

In the rebuy period I played really badly. For example, I slow-played when I flopped an Ace with AKs in hand. I checked it to the river and then on the river I check raised allin against trip 9s. Played that hand so, so, so badly. I don’t know why I didn’t bet my AK on the flop. Stupid play.
I got bluffed once by a 42. Not that I had a good hand though. The guy said he could tell I was weak because I took too long to make my decision.

I made a real nice bluff one hand. I have AT and raise PF. 2 callers. Flop comes Q32 and I bet allin for 1000 with 1500 in the pot and I’m first to act. My 2 opponents fold. My opponent said he could tell I wasn’t bluffing because I wasn’t shaking and the other times I was bluffing I was shaking. Well, he was wrong. I didn’t show him my bluff though so he still doesn’t know.

Made a bad call with a middle pair against the guy that bluffed me 42. When he hit top pair on the river.

In the cash game, I was playing tight and not getting any hands or playing many. After a while my stack was on £20. I went allin with T8o against QQ and KTo PF and won the hand. My stack went to £87. Very bad play by me but I got lucky and hit a straight.

A few hands later I get AQo. Someone bets pot before me (a good loose/aggressive player). I repot. I get 2 callers and the flop comes A75 rainbow. Player in front of me bets allin. I call. Original raiser folds. He has AT and my AQ holds up to win. I leave shortly after that. I made a £45 profit that night.

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Monday night Rebuy

Last night I finished 14th in the Rebuy. I bought in once, plus an addon for a total of £20. Last nights MTT was massive. There were 67 runners and top 9 were paid.

Moe finished in the top 2. He split the money and took home £500. He had more chips than his opponent but they split it 50-50. He said he played aggressively but really well.

I didn’t do too well. At one point I had quite a nice stack but then when I pushed allin with AK against a raiser someone behind me called and I lost nearly my entire stack. I did build my way back up, but the blinds were getting just too big and I was pushing allin quite a lot. I didn’t get the double up I needed and was knocked out before I managed to reach the final table.

The players at my 1st table in the rebuy period were very tight. They were playing as if it were a freezeout and the player to my right folded TT PF even though he didn’t have a big stack – because he thought he was beaten. He was right – he would have been up against JJ and KK, but still – the whole table was playing very tight. I played quite aggressively compared to the rest of the players and built up a small stack. On my next table I doubled up with some more aggressive players.

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Monday night rebuy

I bought in £80+£10 on Monday. Far too much. Next time I play I need to make sure that the maximum amount I buyin is £40+£10. I need to play much tighter. I need to play as if it isn’t a rebuy. I can’t go allin PF with a hand like J3s because I think I have good value because 5 other players have gone allin. I don’t have the bankroll to buyin £90 a week and I won’t make a profit in the long run.

I played really badly on Monday. This is how I ended up getting knocked out. These are my last 3 hands (in the freezeout period).

Hand 1: My stack is about 5400 chips – about average for my table. The table is 9 handed and blinds are at 150/300. There are between 30-40 players left in the tournament and top 8 get paid. A player in 3rd position limps in. Everyone else folds and it comes to me on the button. I call with K9s. SB calls. BB moves allin for about 4000 chips. Everyone folds and BB takes the hand.

Hand 2: My stack is now 5100. It gets folded to me in the cut-off seat. I raise to 800 with A4s. Button folds and SB moves allin for about 5000 chips (the same player as last hand). BB folds and then I fold.

Hand 3: My stack is now 4300 chips. It gets folded to me in 5th position. I raise to 800 with KQs. It gets folded to the SB (the player that moved allin in hands 1 and 2 also folded). The SB pushes me allin. BB folds. I think for a bit. I need to call 3500 with 5400 in the pot. Slightly better than 1.5 to 1 odds (I need 39.3% or better chance of winning the hand). I decided to call. The other player shows AKo and he knocks me out the tournament.

I decided to call because of the raising in the 2 hands before this and my stack was getting smaller and smaller every hand. I sort of went on tilt. I was hoping the player that moved me allin would AJ or AT. The range I put this player on was A9+ or 88+. But there was even a chance that this player could have even less, because of my table image. I had been quite aggressive and 5 hands previously I had made a big check-raise bluff. I didn’t show my cards for this hand, but the table had the impression that I had bluffed that hand and they were right.  Also, I’m a kid – 18 years old. The players might think they can push me about.

The cards weren’t shown in the first 2 hands, but he could have been bluffing on both of them. He may have had strong cards on both occasions but I think he bluffed at least one of them. This tilted me slightly for the next hand.

I did learn a lot from this experience though. Great aggressive play my opponents. I love the allin reraise move in the BB. I actually player it once in that tourney:

It’s folded to the button who raises to 2.5x BB. SB folds and I move allin on the BB with A6o. The player on the button folded his K8 – he was the big stack at the table btw. I had an M of about 6-8 at the time.

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3rd in the £10 Rebuy

I came third tonight. There were about 30 or 40 players there. I bought in £50 plus a £10 addon.

I won £130. I should have won it and taken home £430.

This was the killer hand right at the end:

my QQ vs 66 allin preflop.
I have about 50k. My opponent had about 35k. And the third player who wasn’t in the hand had about £15k.

If I win this hand, and I’m an 81% favourite to do so – I probably win the tournament with 85k vs 15k and blinds at 1.5/3k.

I ended up loosing the hand to a river 6.

The next hand I went allin preflop with AQo vs 55 against the third player. I lost the hand and went out the tournament. Very annoying.

Earlier on the final table I lost a big portion of my stack on this hand:
I had KK on the button. It was folded to me. I raised 5k with the blinds at 0.8/1.6k. SB calls. BB folds.
Flop comes AT3 rainbow.
My opponent raises 5k. I go allin. He calls and shows AJ. I lost about 20k on that hand and was left with 10k. Bad mistake. I made this bad call because this other guy had taken a few pots off me before and I thought it could be a bluff. I probably should have folded.

One lucky hand in the rebuy:
Q66 flop. Allin 3 way. I have KK. Opponent 1 had A6. Opponent 2 has Qx. I river a K and win the hand. That’s what got me started and from there I didn’t look back for a long time.

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