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Back to back live tournament wins

I am so sick at live tournaments!

This is quite strange because for the last 6 months I’ve only been playing online cash games. For some reason I play tournies better offline and I play cash games better online.

Last night I won a live £30+3 freezeout with approx. 25 runners. I won £285 for my 1st place finish. The last live tournament I played I also won, you can read about that here.

Although the money I win (and lose) offline is pennies to what I win online – it’s still a great feeling and very useful to win a live tournament. All my money is stuck on the net and I’m always low on cash. But winning a big sum like this offline gives me all the money I need for the next few weeks.

I think the reason I don’t do as well as I should in live cash games is because I get impatient and don’t play my A-game. The reason I think I do well at live tournaments rather than online tournaments is because the reads I can get on players helps me tremendously.  For some reason, I need the physical reads in tournaments a lot more than I do in cash games.

I played quite well in the tournament and I would rate myself the player that played 2nd best last night. The player that ended up finishing 2nd (£145 win) played better than me throughout the tournament.

The only time I actually felt I played better than him was when it got to heads-up, but even then I ended up winning when I got my Q9 allin vs his K8 preflop. I did well to get into a winning position, since he started HU with $36k chips and I started with $21k chips. And again, if the cards had been reversed he probably would have won.

I’m happy though. Throughout the tournament I had my fair share of good and bad luck.

I just finished a winning online session. I won approx. $350. I didn’t play yesterday and the day before that I lost $400.


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I went to France for 2 days. I got back this morning.

We went on a road trip. My friend drove.

We it 151MPH in his done up Mini Cooper S Works. Surely a record.

We broke so many rules in France, we went through 100 red lights and got flashed at least once.

In my last post I mentioned I lost $2.5k in 50 minutes. I played another session later in the day and I lost another $500. I was now down $3k in a day. Later in the day, I played another session and I won $1.4k back, so I was only down a total of $1.6k for the day. This made me feel really good.

I took a $600 stack back off a  player that had taken maybe $2k off me that day. Flop was J72. He cbets. I call. Turn is a 4. He bets. I push (it wasn’t an overbet, pot was big by now). He calls with QJ. lol. I had 74 for the turned 2 pair and stacked him.

I’m going to play more now. Haven’t played for a few days now.

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On a big up again!

I played 1000+ hands of solely $600NL today in 3 hours of play and around $1400.Yesterday I only played for 45 minutes, but scored a huge profit of $1.8k! That was split between $400NL and $600NL.Overall, I’ve played about 3000 hands of $600NL and I’m down $80. This is good news as 2 days ago I was down $1.8k. I’m going to keep playing $600NL and I’m very confident I can beat it now. I look forward to playing $1k sometime next week? If I run well, this could very well happen. Also, I’m running at 12.5ptbb/100hands over a 14.5k hand sample at $400NL. 

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Don’t bluff idiots and don’t show your cards!

I’ve lost so much money in the past from trying to bluff idiots off a hand. I did manage to bluff 2 idiots off a hand today though.

Both players were seeing over 40% of flops and the big blind was folding more than a player of his looseness usually does postflop.

Here it is:

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 4 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $310.46

BB: $831.70

UTG: $289.80

Hero (BTN): $689.30

Preflop: Hero is dealt 6 5 (4 Players)

UTG checks, Hero raises to $18.00, SB calls $16.00, BB raises to $50.00, UTG folds, Hero calls $32.00, SB calls $32.00

Flop: ($154) 2 7 9 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB bets $40.00, Hero calls $40.00, SB calls $40.00

Turn: ($274) T (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks

River: ($274) 4 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $221.00, 2 folds

Uncalled bet of $221.00 returned to Hero

Pot Size: $274.00

I showed my bluff to these 2 donkeys so that I could get more action off them in the future (another “mistake”). I did get more action on this hand winning a very big pot against a very weak hand (BB is the same player in both hands):

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 6 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $390.00

BB: $687.30

UTG: $355.00

Hero (MP): $787.20

CO: $458.30

BTN: $117.96

Preflop: Hero is dealt K K (6 Players)

UTG folds, Hero raises to $15.00, 3 folds, BB raises to $26.00, Hero raises to $100.00, BB raises to $174.00, Hero raises to $350.00, BB raises all-in to $687.30, Hero calls $337.30

Flop: ($1376.60) 2 2 5 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Turn: ($1376.60) 4 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

River: ($1376.60) J (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Pot Size: $1,376.60 ($3 Rake)

BB had Q A (a pair of Twos) and LOST (-$687.30)

Hero had K K (two pairs, Kings and Twos) and WON (+$686.30)

In general I don’t show my hands. Lucky I did in this instance though. He probably wouldn’t have played his hand so aggressively if I hadn’t shown my bluff a few hands earlier.

When I do show bluffs (which I do rarely), it is to satisfy my ego. In this scenario I knew that I was playing 2 donkeys and I did it purely to get more value off them in the future (which I did).

I got in a nice couple of hours of play tonight winning about $1000, although I’m disappointed I didn’t win more. I lost a coinflip to another donkey in an $750 pot where we got allin on the flop.


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Just finished a 90 minute session and made a profit of $2200

Here’s an interesting hand that I feel I played really badly and timidly. I played the hand very out of character and got myself into a sticky situation.

I really need to work on my deep stacked game. This opponent took a few quite big stacks off me without a showdown. I think I play to cautiously when deep.

The session went very well though and I made a profit at all 4 tables I was playing.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs recently, but I plan on really concentrating hard. I’ve been having a lot of very late nights recently, but from now on I’m going to start going to bed a bit earlier, because lack of sleep is killing my concentration and stamina.

I don’t know how people manage to play 40 hours+ of poker a week. I can only play 2 hour online sessions at most.

I’ve been running very well at $400NL on Party with a win rate of 8.5BB/100hands over 9.5k hands. I don’t think I’m good enough to maintain that over 100k hands, but I think I could probably manage 5BB/100hands.

My bankroll is $17.5k+, so I’ll be moving up to $600NL soon. I think I’ll wait till I reach $20k and then take a shot.


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Good news and bad news

First the bad news:

Since I started playing poker again (25th of June) – I was up about $3000 online within 2 days. I am now down approx. $500 over this period of time. I’m about quits at Party and I’ve lost just under $500 at TowerGaming. I also lost a $200 I cleared at TG which was worth $200 and I actually cleared 95%+ of that bonus before I continued playing on the 25th – so in reality I am down about $700 online.I have moved down to $200NL for a while until I start winning again. After I’ve won $1000 at $200NL I’ll move up again.

The good news:

On Thursday night I won £450 (~$900) in a live tournament. It was a £30 semi-freezeout (you can buyin twice – either a rebuy if you get knocked out or an addon at the end of the rebuy period) with a guaranteed 1st prize of £500. There were only 9 runners. I think everybody bought in twice so the prize pool should have been £540 minus the rake, but the actual prize pool was £640 (£140 for 2nd place) – a nice overlay.

I played okay although I played better on Monday night were I lost £40 and came 6th out of 16 runners in the £10 rebuy. I played 2 hands in total in the rebuy period which was 90 minutes long. I was playing tight, but I also had a completely dead deck. I just wasn’t being dealt anything. At the start of the freezeout I had 6000 chips (each buyin is 2500 so I had made a profit of 1000 chips).

There were a few short stacks at the opposite end of the table to me that went allin 3 or 4 times and somehow managed to survive all of them with weak holdings.

When it got to 4 handed we agreed to knock £50 off 1st place and £10 off 2nd to give 3rd and 4th £30 each.I was the most aggressive and loose player at the table when it got to short handed. When it got to 3 handed I was bullying the other players to death. The blinds were very big and I was pushing allin a lot. Today I read the end of “No Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice” by Sklansky and Miller. It has a really amazing chapter on these kinds of situations at the back. It’s about the Sklansky-Chubukov rankings and it applies a lot to tournaments. It tells you if you should push your hand when the stacks are small. I definitely recommend reading it.

I offered my opponent a deal when we got to heads-up. I had 26k and he had 19.3k. The blinds were 1k/2k. The difference between 1st and 2nd was £320 so I offered him £180/£140 split. This was a very fair offer. He was playing for the club so asked a few of the others and he ended up declining. I then offered £170/£150 which is definitely in his favor and he declined too. The 1st hands of HU he’s in the SB. He pushes allin. I have A5o. I thought for a few minutes. He then calls for the clock. I decided to call. He had 76s. The board came 994, 8, 2 and I won the tournament.

Analyzing his allin move, was it a good play? I think so. The Sklansky-Chubukov number would be 8300 chips. But since I am folding hands like Q7, 89, JT and maybe even hands like A2o. I think his push is definitely +EV.


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Another good start to the day. Lets hope it continues…

I just finished playing a 90 minute session. I made a profit of $850, playing at Party.

I won $868 from one guy. He was probably on tilt. The first hand he pushed allin for about $420 when I raised to $14 with QQ. I called (because I had saw push allin a few hands before with AQ and lose)  and won the hand. The next hand he moved allin for about $120. Everyone folded. The next hand I raise to $14 with TT and he moves allin for $400. I call. He shows KTs and I win the hand. He then leaves the table.

I played well throughout the session. Never really lucking out on someone when we got a big amount of money in the pot. I lost quite a lot of coinflips and hands where I was a nice favorite after that.  These hands were for fairly small amounts of money though. Maybe $100 to $200. It was frustrating though. I can complain since I did win the QQ vs AKo coinflip at the start of the session and that lead to me winning another $400 afterwards.

By the end of the session I ground my way back up to my original $850 profit and ended the session there.

I might post some hands later. I had AA allin preflop one hand. It was only for $108. The board comes 5A8, 8, K. I’m thinking as long as he doesn’t have 88 I’ve won the hand. He flips over 88 and takes the pot. Annoying.

More from me later today.

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