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Pocket Queens vs KKK flop

First hand of a $33 SnG.

I’m sitting in 5th position. Blinds are 10/20. Starting stacks are 1500.

I’m dealt QQ.
The player in 1st position calls (Player 1). The next 3 players fold. I raise to 80. It gets folded to the SB. The SB calls. The BB folds.

The flop comes KKK. The first 2 players check. The pot is 260 and I bet 140. SB calls and Player 1 folds.

The turn is J. SB checks. The pot is 540. I bet 350. SB calls.

The river is 7. SB checks. The pot is 1240. I bet 500. The SB pushes all-in. I call the remaining 430.

He flips over K9 and takes the hand.


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Came 2nd in a $108 SnG just now

This afternoon I won a ticket to a $108 SnG. this is how it happened:

A few days ago I came 2nd in a $14+1.5 SnG. The winner got a seat in a $108 SnG. I came 2nd and got a ticket to another qualifier and $1 too. Today I used that ticket in a MTT qualifier with 13 people in it. I won it. I was feeling good and playing well so I decided to play the $108 SnG immediately after. (Also, I’ve had a look at the high-stakes SnGs before and they take ages to fill up – I saw one with 7 out of 10 people already registered, so I played).

In the first few rounds I didn’t play any hands. I was slightly nervous and scared of losing – but playing very, very tight at the beginning of an SnG seems to be the best tactic.

The blinds started to increase and I started making some plays and stealing a few small pots. After about 30 minutes of play the first person got knocked out. After about 45 minutes there were 6 people left and I had one of the smallest stacks. My stack was at about 2200 (starting stack is 2000) and everybody else had more.

Then came quite a big hand. I raised preflop and got one caller. I had quite a tight table image and my previous steals were not called. The pot was about 1000 chips and the other guy checked on the flop. I bet 500. He then reraised me 500. I decided to fold because I only had Q high. The other guy was playing very tight as well and I doubt his check raise was a bluff. My chip stack was now 1300 and the blinds were at 150/75. A few hands later I doubled up (can’t remember how) and I was on about 3000 chips. I was still about average.

From here I kept making steals and bluffs and worked my way up to chip leader. A few more people got knocked out and we now had 4 people left. I worked my way up to over 10k chips which was more than 50% of the total number of chips (the total being 20k).

The player on my right was very, very tight. So every time the hand got folded to me and I was in the SB I would steal. I think he called me once out of about 10-20 steals. The one time he did call me I stole the pot away from him when he missed his flop.

The blinds were getting big and people were getting desperate. Another player went alling for about 2500-3000 chips. I called with A8s – he had T7o and won the hand. The loss didn’t really hurt me at the time, but this player went on to win the SnG.

2 players eventually got knocked out and we were heads up. I started off well. Then we went back to where we started. Then I decided to move allin preflop with 54o. He called with K8o and won the hand. I don’t know why I made that move. The blinds were big, but I wasn’t that desperate. 54o is really weak. In that hand I thought I had won the SnG. The flop showed 48x. The turn was a 4. The only card that could keep him in it now was one of the two 8s left in the deck. 5% chance of that happening. But it happened. I know I was behind when the hand started, but it still hurts – especially when $200 is at stake.

I now had 4000-4500 chips left. I doubled up the next hand and we were about evens. A few hands later we went allin. His 66 vs AJs. He won the hand and won the SnG. I had complete control at one point and I really messed up. I played nearly a perfect SnG. Only went wrong on 2/3 hands I think, but I didn’t win it.

Great experience but I really wish I had won it. Good night all. x

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My pocket Aces loose and I go on semi-tilt

I was playing an SnG today and I was doing very wel. I was playing my A-game and had about 5000-5200 chips. I was playing at and the starting stacks are 1500 chips per person. There were about 6 or 7 people left and I’m dealt pocket aces.

The blinds are at 200/400 and the person in first position goes allin for about 750 chips. The person in second position goes allin for about 1500 chips. It then gets folded to round to me and I move allin with my 5000 chips. Another player behind (the second big stack) then decides to call the allin for his 3000 chips.

Everyone flips over there cards: the person in first position had QJo. The person in second has A6o and the person behind me has 99. The stats say that I’m a 60% favourite to win this hand outright.

Anyway, the cards come down and the player behind hits a set of 9s and the player in first position hits a straight. I’m got really annoyed about this. I don’t why the player behind me decided to call with pocket 9s! Did he actually think he stood even a 25% chance of winning the hand? If I had lost the hand, but beaten the person with pocket 9s I wouldn’t have been annoyed because I wouldn’t have made a loss and one more person would have been knocked out. But that didn’t happen!

A few hands later I push allin with QJo in 2nd position and get called by the guy that hit the straight a few hands before when I had my Aces cracked by everyone. He flips over AJo and wins the hand.

One minute I’m in a solid position to the SnG. Two minutes later and I’m out of it. Things can change around quickly in poker.

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