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Poker: WSOP 2010 Main Event

The main event completed on November 9. Here are the results:
1: Jonathan Duhamel — $8,944,138
2: John Racener — $5,545,855
3: Joseph Cheong — $4,129,979
4: Filippo Candio — $3,092,497
5: Michael Mizrachi — $2,332,960
6: John Dolan — $1,772,939
7: Jason Senti — $1,356,708
8: Matt Jarvis — $1,045,738
9: Soi Nguyen — $811,823



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How to Win at Poker and at Business

I just read an interesting article at BusinessWeek entilted How to Win at Poker and at Business. The title is much better than the actual article. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job of the article.

The main point BusinessWeek addresses is that you improve people skills while playing poker.

Acting persuasively, reading opponents’ motives, and handling the subtleties of a monetary transaction are skills the poker greats work tirelessly to hone. These same skills are essential for negotiating a business deal.

I agree, but seeing as I was mainly an online player, I wouldn’t say that people skills are the only similarity between poker and business.

I read a great post by David Sklansky (pro player and author) a few months ago called Poker Is Good For You.

Here’s a summary:

  • Poker improves your study habits.
  • Poker develops your maths skills.
  • Poker develops your logical thinking.
  • Poker develops your concentration.
  • Poker develops your patience.
  • Poker develops your discipline.
  • Poker teaches you to focus on the long term.
  • Poker teaches you that forgoing a profit equals taking a loss (and vice versa).
  • Poker develops your realism.
  • Poker teaches you how to adjust to changing situations.
  • Poker teaches you to adjust to diverse people.
  • Poker teaches you to avoid racial, sexual and other prejudices.
  • Poker teaches you to handle losses.
  • Poker teaches you to depersonalize conflict.
  • Poker teaches you how to plan.
  • Poker teaches you how to handle deceptive people.
  • Poker teaches you how to choose the “best” games.
  • Poker teaches you the benefits of acting last.
  • Poker teaches you how to concentrate on the important subjects.
  • Poker teaches you how to apply probability theory.
  • Poker teaches you how to conduct risk-reward analyses.
  • Poker teaches you how to put things in context and evaluate all variables.
  • Poker teaches you “how to get into people’s heads”.

I think I gained many of these skills in my poker career. However, many people don’t. Only successful players will gain many of these skills and many of these skills you would have gained at some point in life anyway if you gain them at poker.

Beware! There are many downsides to poker. That’s why I quit although I was making a lot of money.


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WSOP – Scotty Nguyen wins HORSE

Scotty Nguyen has won this year’s H.O.R.S.E event. It’s a $50,000 event and considered by many to be the most prized tournament. H.O.R.S.E covers 5 differents types of games. The winner being a true poker champion.

The final table of 8 players had 16 WSOP bracelets between them. E-Dog finished 3rd and Barry Greenstein 6th.

Other recent wins by famous players:

No 49 – No-Limit Hold’em
J.C. Tran
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $631,170
See this years other WSOP winners at CardPlayer.

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WSOP 2008 Update

There are a lot of big name winners in the WSOP this year. In recent years there haven’t been so many superstars winning events due to the very large fields, but this year there are. It may due to fewer entries, the Superstars getting better at playing through huge fields of players, or there are a lot more Superstars around nowadays. Every year a few more Superstars are born, but the list doesn’t really lose players. Once a star, always a star.

John Phan is performing the best in WSOP this year with 2 bracelets.

I’m delighted to see Barry Greenstein (Mr Charity) winning an event. He’s a class act. Surprised to see Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, because of his performances on High Stakes Poker. But I shouldn’t really be, tournaments are completely different to cash games. Just look at Hellmuth – best tournament player in the world but sucks at cash games.

Here are the big name winners at this years World Series of Poker so far:

Event No. 1 – Pot-Limit Hold’em World Championship
Nenad Medic
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $794,112
Event No. 4 – Mixed Hold’em
Erick Lindgren
Buy-in: $5,000 | 1st Place Prize: $374,505
No 18 – No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball
Mike Matusow
Buy-in: $5,000 | 1st Place Prize: $537,862
No 19 – Pot-Limit Omaha
Vanessa Selbst
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $227,965
No 20 – Limit Hold’em
Daniel Negreanu
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $204,424
No 25 – World Championship Heads Up
No-Limit Hold’em
Kenny Tran
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $539,040
No 26 – Seven Card Razz
Barry Greenstein
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $158,659
No 29 – No-Limit Hold’em
John Phan
Buy-in: $3,000 | 1st Place Prize: $434,7891
No 31 – No-Limit Hold’em Six-Handed
Dario Minieri
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $528,410
No 34 – Pot-Limit Omaha With Rebuys
Layne Flack
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $577,710
No 37 – World Championship Omaha High-Low Split 8 or Better
David Benyamine
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $535,687
No 39 – No Limit Hold’em
David Woo
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $631,6566
No 40 – Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Low Ball
John Phan
Buy-in: $2,500 | 1st Place Prize: $151,896
For other winners visit CardPlayer.

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Sport Update

British number one, Andy Murray, is doing well in Wimbledon. He’s into the 3rd round.

Spain vs Germany in the finals of Euro 2008. Should be a good game. Spain must be the favourites, but never underestimate the Germans. Can Spain finally win their first major competiton? Should be a great game. The game is Sunday night.

Villa is out for Spain in the finals.

I was hoping to see Russia win the competiton. They have the best manager in the world – Guus Hiddink, and he is so humble.

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Blog unsuspended

My blog has been suspended for the past few weeks. Finally, it’s back online. It was difficult getting hold of the WordPress support, but once I finally did, they unsuspended the account immediately.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to readers.

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Downswing again

I feel I’m playing fine and the reason I lost today and yesterday are due to the cards. Today I’ve lost $500 so far. Yesterday I lost $1000.

Here is one truly sick hand that made me go on a tilt a bit. I left shortly after:

AA gets bad beat. The reason this hand happened was because the hand before I reraised preflop on the the button with AKo and he folded. So this time he assumed I was bluffing him and he had to “make a stand”. The minreraise preflop is because I think he’s quite weak and unlikely to call an allin bet by me (and I was right) and it basically commits him to the pot as you can see when he pushed his 87o on the low flop. T85 flop. I played the hand well. He was so far behind when he got the money in. I could have played with a bit less variance and pushed preflop, but I would have been losing out on value, so I’m not worried.

I then tilted slightly on 2 hands:

Caught bluffing. Opponent is obviously an idiot, but what can you do?

Then a few hands later this occurred:

QQ stacked by AA. The reason I’m happy to go allin is because of the hand before so he’s probably willing to play for stacks against me with a wider range (if he saw the hand). I should maybe just called the 4bet and not push and see a flop. If the flop doesn’t bring an A or K, I can play for stacks, and if the flop does bring an ace or a king I can safely fold.

It wouldn’t have made a difference at the end of the day, but a big part of his 4betting range is probably AK.

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