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Writing a book on poker

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen

Lots of the top players have written books on win at poker. The current best selling poker book on Amazon is Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen. For those of you who don’t know who he is, check him up on Wikipedia or the HendonMob. He’s won almost $10 million in tournaments, although he’s only ever won a single WSOP bracelet.

I think he’s also gone bankrupt a couple of times. He’s a very loose player and he’s a favourite on TV. He’s crazy though and he’s the sort of player that goes on big swings.

Why did he write a book revealing how he plays? Doesn’t he know that this totally gives away his game and will probably make him easier to beat? He probably does know this, but thinks he can avoid it by changing his game up. I don’t know if he can.

The reason people write poker books is because they care more about fame than money. I think the main reason poker players play is not for the money but for the respect they get for winning. Being able to say I beat Phil Ivey or I beat 10,000 players to win a WSOP bracelet is better than the money.

If it was only about the money people then people would probably quit when they make a couple of million. But a poker player doesn’t really have much to do with his life so he keeps playing to pass the time. There’s also the adrenalin rush from playing for massive stakes, taking massive risks and outsmarting your opponent.

Which poker books do I recommend?

I don’t recommend playing. It’s a waste of a life, but if you want to play, reading about the game is about the best thing you can do. I recommend:

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky – probably the best book on poker ever written.

I don’t recommend Super System by Doyle Brunson, but it is a poker classic.

Dan Harrington’s books on tournament poker are also good:

Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 1: Strategic Play

Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 2: Endgame

Lastly, I recommend watching the CardRunners videos. Watching GreenPlastic is the single thing that improved my game more than anything else.

Poker is a waste of time, but if you’re going to play, you might as well play properly.



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WSOP Update: World Series Of Poker 2008 Final Table: We’re down to 9!

It’s disappointing that there are no superstars left in the event, nonetheless it should be a great final table.

The most notable name at the table is David “Chino” Rheem. Rheem had many professionals supporting him on his way to the final table including J.C. Tran, Nam and Tommy Le, Greg Mueller, Quinn Do, Tommy Hang, Michael and Robert Mizrachi, and Mark Newhouse. This had to do with the fact that many of them had traded for percentages with Rheem or bought a piece of him in the tournament to diversify their chances of making some money, but they were also there to cheer on one of their own. Rheem had a very up and down day. He started off short-stacked. He then went on to become one of the chip leaders and finished the day short-stacked again.

Tiffany Michelle, the last woman in the tournament was knocked out in 17th place for a win of $334,535.

Here is the final table line-up:

Seat 1: Dennis Phillips — 26,295,000 (St, Louis, Missouri) — Account Manager
Seat 2: Craig Marquis — 10,210,000 (Arlington, Texas) — College Student
Seat 3: Ylon Schwartz — 12,525,000 (Brooklyn, NY) — Professional Poker Player
Seat 4: Scott Montgomery — 19,690,000 (Perth, Ontario) — Professional Poker Player
Seat 5: Darus Suharto — 12,520,000 (Toronto, Ontario) — Accountant
Seat 6: David “Chino” Rheem — 10,230,000 (Los Angeles, California) — Professional Poker Player
Seat 7: Ivan Demidov — 24,400,000 (Moscow, Russia) — Professional Poker Player
Seat 8: Kelly Kim — 2,620,000 (Whittier, California) — Professional Poker Player
Seat 9: Peter Eastgate — 18,375,000 (Odense, Denmark) — Professional Poker Player

It’s very surprising to see how many professional poker players are at the final table. None of the players are famous though.

Here is the prize structure:

1st: $9,119,338
2nd: $5,790,024
3rd: $4,503,352
4th: $3,763,516
5th: $3,088,013
6th: $2,412,510
7th: $1,769,177
8th: $1,286,672
9th: $900,670

Read more at Full Tilt Poker.


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WSOP 2008 Update

There are a lot of big name winners in the WSOP this year. In recent years there haven’t been so many superstars winning events due to the very large fields, but this year there are. It may due to fewer entries, the Superstars getting better at playing through huge fields of players, or there are a lot more Superstars around nowadays. Every year a few more Superstars are born, but the list doesn’t really lose players. Once a star, always a star.

John Phan is performing the best in WSOP this year with 2 bracelets.

I’m delighted to see Barry Greenstein (Mr Charity) winning an event. He’s a class act. Surprised to see Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, because of his performances on High Stakes Poker. But I shouldn’t really be, tournaments are completely different to cash games. Just look at Hellmuth – best tournament player in the world but sucks at cash games.

Here are the big name winners at this years World Series of Poker so far:

Event No. 1 – Pot-Limit Hold’em World Championship
Nenad Medic
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $794,112
Event No. 4 – Mixed Hold’em
Erick Lindgren
Buy-in: $5,000 | 1st Place Prize: $374,505
No 18 – No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball
Mike Matusow
Buy-in: $5,000 | 1st Place Prize: $537,862
No 19 – Pot-Limit Omaha
Vanessa Selbst
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $227,965
No 20 – Limit Hold’em
Daniel Negreanu
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $204,424
No 25 – World Championship Heads Up
No-Limit Hold’em
Kenny Tran
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $539,040
No 26 – Seven Card Razz
Barry Greenstein
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $158,659
No 29 – No-Limit Hold’em
John Phan
Buy-in: $3,000 | 1st Place Prize: $434,7891
No 31 – No-Limit Hold’em Six-Handed
Dario Minieri
Buy-in: $2,000 | 1st Place Prize: $528,410
No 34 – Pot-Limit Omaha With Rebuys
Layne Flack
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $577,710
No 37 – World Championship Omaha High-Low Split 8 or Better
David Benyamine
Buy-in: $10,000 | 1st Place Prize: $535,687
No 39 – No Limit Hold’em
David Woo
Buy-in: $1,500 | 1st Place Prize: $631,6566
No 40 – Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Low Ball
John Phan
Buy-in: $2,500 | 1st Place Prize: $151,896
For other winners visit CardPlayer.

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Won $1.4k at $400NL

I played for one hour 3-tabling.

I played well. I messed up one hand towards the end, but I sucked out and won the hand. Hand is as follows:

$450 stacks. I’m BB. Button openlimps. SB raises to $17. I raise to $59. Button folds and SB calls. Flop is QTx. SB checks. I push for $400. SB calls. I show AKo. SB shows AQo. I river a K and win a $900 pot.

It’s a tough spot here, but didn’t play the hand well. The reason I pushed the flop is because I would have to fold to a checkraise, and I think any legitimate hand will CR here. I thought that AK must be a big part of his range, so I pushed so he couldn’t CR.

I think the best move may have been to check the flop behind.

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