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A Picture From Back In The Day

I was looking through my pictures on iPhoto and I came across a picture of me 4-tabling $3/$6 ($600 buy-in) on PartyPoker. My stacks on the tables range from $950 to $1640. This is probably as much as I ever had on the poker tables at one time. In total I have just under $5000 on all 4 tables together ($4971 to be precise).

There may have been a time where I had more than this on the tables. When I quit I was playing $5/$10 blinds with a $1000 buyin, but I didn’t play that many hands at $1k and I don’t remember if I ever 4-tabled the $1000 tables.

It’s now almost 5 years since I last played poker seriously and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made and have no regrets about quitting. It would have been nice to win a million dollars playing online poker. Perhaps even make it onto TV or play in the WSOP, but what a waste of some of the best years of my life that would have been. If you want to read a summary of my poker career, see here.

In other news, this blog’s pages views per day have dropped since I last checked them. I did get 45 views on 1 May (no idea why), but in general the blog gets 5 to 15 views a day. (The total number of page views this blog has had over its 5+ year life is about 54k and counting. Not bad for a blog I basically haven’t touched in four and a half years.)

Here’s the picture of me 4-tabling $3/6 (the blinds are $3/$6, max buy-in is $600, the game is No-Limit Holdem, 6 people per table.) I’m the player with a white block over his name. The other players have stats next to their names using the program Poker Tracker (completely legal if you were wondering and it also looks like they’ve improved the program a lot since I last used it):

4-tabling $600NL



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Played a bit more this week

I’ve won 250 shekels (approx. $60) in 3 live sessions of poker.

Online, I’ve won $250 since my last post.

I just finished an extremely annoying online session of $200NL. I played for an hour and was up maybe $600 at one point, but in the last 15mins of the session I lost a lot and finished with a $75 loss.

One hand that really annoyed me:

I open with 9sTs. Player behind me raises to 3x my bet. I call and the flop is 8c9cJs. I check. He bets half pot. I checkraise to 3xhis bet. He calls. Turn is Qs giving me a straight and a flush draw. I bet $100 into $142 pot. He pushes for $42 more. I call. He shows AsKs. The river is the 6s and he wins a $450 pot. The worst part is that I was sort of calling for a spade on the river in my head and it turned out being the card that killed me.

I lost a lot of big pot coinflips towards the end of the session which is what caused me to make an overall loss. Doesn’t matter though. I won a $400 coinflip at the start of the session and won another $400 CF a few days before that too.

I’m playing $200, just to get back into the rythym of things. I hope to move up to $400 soon and then $600NL or $1000NL. The only problem is I don’t know if I can beat the TowerGaming $600NL+. I’ve only played Party $600NL+.

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Seriously considering quitting

I’ve been talking to Rabbi’s about poker. Last week I was seriously considering quitting. I’ve played 3 times since I’ve been in Israel, but that was only because I didn’t have the opportunity to play.

I’ve continued playing this week (been on holiday from Yeshiva). Maybe by the end of the year I will have fully decided to quit.

My results in Israel so far have been:

Won 580 shekels (approx $150) in a live game. Lost $400 online. Won $130 online.

so overall I’m down about $120 in Israel. No big deal.

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Won $1k today in 2.5hrs play and 1000 hands

I didn’t feel I was playing great today, but I made a healthy profit.

I probably won’t be posting on here for while now. I’m off to Israel.

I’m not going to be playing a lot of poker in the next months. Disappointing. I might pick it up again in a year’s time. I finished with a BR of $29k and I can say that I’m a winner at all limits up to $1000NL (although I have only played 350 hands at $1kNL).

Good Luck


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Lost $3.5k yesterday

Ahhhh. How annoying! I was hoping to hit $40k by Sunday. That’s obviously not going to happen. I’ll be happy with $30k (currently on $28k).

My site was suspended yesterday because I had advertising on it, which is against the terms of service. The advertising has now been removed.

I love PokerTracker. I looked at my stats for yesterday. It showed me playing 30% of hands, whereas usually I play 25% at most and I think I play my best when playing about 22%. So I know straight away how to start winning again and why I wasn’t winning yesterday.

It might not get me straight back to winning ways, but it’s a start and it will definitely help.

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Lost $3.1k since last night

I continued to play $1000NL but I lost 2 stacks at it. I was playing well and deserved to be even more up, but my luck turned and it was not to be.

I lost $1200 when I got my AA allin against JJ preflop. That was harsh.

I lost another $1000 when I got allin on a 3 heart lowish flop with KK and the K of hearts. I was up against 6h4h (I have no idea what he was doing in the hand, but at least he played well post-flop). The final heart didn’t come and I lost another big pot.

I’ve now moved back to $600NL. Although I still have an overall profit at $1kNL, I don’t feel comfortable losing $1k in a hand. I’ve only played 8000 hands of $600NL, so I’m going to keep playing that until I’ve made another $3k. Then I’ll take a shot at $1000NL again.

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$9.4k profit in 2 days!

I’ve played 2500 hands (about 7 or 8 hours play) over the last 2 days and have made a total profit of $9400.

My bankroll is now $33.5k.

I played a bit of $1kNL today when I reached the $31k mark and won about $2.5k at it. I had some really good luck.

One hand I won $1400 with AA against AK all-in preflop. I won another fairly big pot when I had KK and flopped trip kings.

I’m on a massive rush, have been playing really well and all the luck has gone my way – a perfect combination.

I won at least one $600 coinflip today, maybe more. I also hit a runner-runner flush when my KK ran into 66 on a JT6 flop. That was a $1400 pot ($700 was mine). We were allin on the flop. I 3bet him preflop and he check-raised me allin on the flop. He was getting about 13 to 1 implied odds on my preflop 3bet if he stacked me. I don’t know if that’s enough, since a lot of the time I have a hand much weaker than KK, but he still has to give up if I continuation bet.

I’m going to play for another hour or two now. I hope the luck continues. Good Night


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